July 18, 2014


And what’s more, we’re bringing Paul F. Tompkins with us. That’s right, he’s joining the Superego Clinic For Analytical Pscience™ as a regular member. It’s time you got ready to get ready.

But that’s only the half of it. On September 1, 2014, Superego will return for a fourth spectacular season. While past seasons have seen episodes arrive on a monthly basis, Season Four will dole out these ear-candies more slowly, prolonging the utter majesty.

But wait, there’s another half of it. Beginning August 1st, we’re also dropping lap-loads of bonus content your way.

You’ll see the release of two new Behind The Bonus episodes, showcasing several sketches that until now, have been locked deep in the Superego vault. Case studies featuring Erinn HayesJames UrbaniakJohn Hodgman, and more. And in the coming weeks, point your eyeballs toward our YouTube page for a series of never-before-released Superego Supershorts.

But really, here’s the whole of it. When September rolls around, get ready for a bevy of brand new guests as well as the return of some your favorites: Andy DalyColin HanksThomas Lennon, and none other than Neko Case.

That’s it, you Bunch-Ofs. Stay subscribed on iTunes, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and love us in real life.

-The B’s in Apartment 23.

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