October 18, 2012
James Bond

There comes a time in the life of a man of a certain age when he may choose to look inward, take stock, and assess. He may also just rank the James Bond films from worst to first. Life’s a party!

We can argue whether or not I’m qualified to do this, I’ve certainly put in the hours. But let’s stop arguing. This is a ranking of my favorites, and for that, I’m overqualified. I love the James Bond movies. My dad and I used to watch them together when I was a kid - in the theaters, on broadcast TV, and VHS. Then when the Brosnan era hit, I was in college and couldn’t be bothered to get into them. In my defense they were mostly shit-things. But in 2006, when I was going through a rough patch, I set out to read every play by William Shakespeare. That quickly turned south into watching every James Bond movie and I’ll be damned, I was back on top!

The simple prose of Ian Fleming, the production design of Ken Adam, the title sequences by Maurice Binder, and more than anything, the scores of John Barry have influenced my creative endeavors and run-on sentences for years.

Skyfall, the 23rd official James Bond film comes out on November 9th. 23 days from now. Starting tomorrow, I’ll post an entry a day, beginning with what I consider to be the worst James Bond film. You can bet it’ll be a Brosnan.

This list promises to be subjective, unapologetic, and totally unnecessary. 

You asked for this America.

* Author’s note. I wrote this a little while ago and forgot that it was queued to be posted. Now I have no choice. Follow along as it descends into one-sentence postings!

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